Ahead Talks


What do our talks include?

  • We have a fantastic team of speakers who are available to do school, college, university and community talks.
  • Motivational talks on education and exams.
  • Dealing with the home and school balance.
  • Keeping everyone happy including parents, siblings and teachers.
  • How to balance your social life and education.
  • Our Secret 5 Steps to Success talk.
  • Revision and learning methods you would never of heard about.
  • Being positive, keeping positive and using others.
  • Our very popular ‘Cheating Without Cheating’ techniques!
  • Using your friends to get the best out of you.
  • What it really takes to get through exams.
  • What will work for your and how to accomplish it.
  • The perfect revision timetable which is guaranteed to work.

Location and Times

If you go onto our booking page, you’ll see a range of talks and courses we have coming up.

As a school or institute, you can get in touch and book our team of speakers to come and deliver the perfect motivational talks, seminars and days for your students.

Get in touch using the next tab and let us know what you need.

The 'Exam Life' Seminars

What is a motivational speech and why book one?

Help you understand the reality of education and coping with exams. What it takes to make the best of every situation and believe you can do anything.

Teach you techniques of revision and learning which you would never heard before! None of that ‘auditory, ‘visual’ learning etc, the real reality of what you can do to get that info in your head!

We’ve been through it all and have had a hard time doing it. Our young team can relate to any situation you’ve been through and we’ll make sure you don’t make the mistakes that we have done.


Our Recent Exam Life Seminar